Why You Should Install In-Home Gym Flooring

Green and blue, in-home basketball court with a fence and brick wall. The right type of flooring is essential for a safe and efficient in-home gym experience. Your in-home gym will become a visual centerpiece that will offer the ultimate surface for your sports needs and purposes so it’s crucial that you choose the most suitable floor. If you’re looking for durability, safety, aesthetics, maintenance, and performance, then Flex Court Athletics has the perfect in-home gym flooring solution for you! There are so many benefits to our unique and outstanding flooring, and we’d like to share just a few with you.

  • In recent years, there’s been an increased demand for in-home gym ownership as many people have adopted a healthier lifestyle. This desirable custom feature has added resale value to many Long Island homes. The best investment that you can make is on your health and the second-best investment will be on your in-home gym flooring by Flex Court.
  • Flex Court’s gym flooring is made from our exclusive MAPLE FLEX™. This state-of the-art wood laminate flooring was designed and created for high performance and low maintenance. Plus, it’s tougher, more durable and resilient than traditional hardwood floors.
  • Our high-quality flooring can weather the constant impact and won’t fade or peel over time. MAPLE FLEX™ is also excellent for superior traction, resistance to heavy impact loads, sound absorption, and energy return. You can get your game on in comfort and style without having to worry about damaging your flooring.
  • Our superior flooring has the lowest installation cost of any floor system on the market today. We make sure to offer the most cost-effective flooring solutions to fit your budget plan. Our flooring consistently yields the highest performance-to-price ratio in its class and is the best alternative to expensive hardwood floors.
  • Traditional hardwood floors that are used for sport-related activities can harbor bacterial microorganisms that can find refuge on slightly damp areas of your flooring such as any small cracks between panels. You won’t have to worry about the mildew of bacterial buildup because our flooring has unique arched wall support that’s impenetrable by moisture.
  • In-home gym flooring should be comfortable, uniform and designed to reduce the risk of injury. Our special MAPLE FLEX™ flooring reduces stress, fatigue, and absorbing impact. If you use our flooring on a regular basis to workout, you’ll notice a reduction in soreness and injuries which can promote an increase in activity and better health overall.

Flex Court is here to help create the sports haven of your dreams. We are proud to offer a wide variety of custom designs and color options. Our goal is to create a workout space that speaks to your fitness needs. Our flooring comes with a 10-year Manufacturer’s Warranty so you’ll be able to enjoy your workout space for years to come. We have a team of expert designers and installers that are ready to start on your in-home gym project. We know that you’ll be so happy with our in-home gym flooring that you’ll wonder how you lived so long without one. Contact us for a design consultation!

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